6 Thoughtful Valentines Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

There are a number of presents that will show your pregnant family member or acquaintance how much she is loved, and how excited you are about the baby on the way.

Pregnancy is usually a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it can involve stress, exhaustion and frayed tempers from time to time. Valentine’s day represents the perfect opportunity to express your love to your pregnant partner, but it’s important to send a message of love and thoughtfulness. These best Valentine’s Day gifts are certain to give the love of your life something to smile about during her pregnancy.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers but it’s an exceptionally special day for pregnant women. And if your wife, partner or girlfriend is pregnant at this romantic time of the year, if she’s carrying your baby, the pressure is on to make this Valentine’s Day the most special one ever. Here are some of the Valentine’s Day gifts that you can think of presenting your pregnant wife.

Valentines Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

Valentines Day Gifts for Pregnant Women

Gift Basket

Filling a gift basket with all the things that will help your loved one to relax and enjoy her pregnancy is a wonderful way to say “I love you.” Include items like her favorite healthy snack, such as gourmet trail mix or fresh fruit. Also throw in quality bath salts and lotions scented with chamomile or lavender to promote calm and a sound night’s sleep. You may also want to purchase a book or two that provides advice on pregnancy and caring for the baby, as well as a blank photo album that the mother can fill with snapshots of her pregnancy, the baby’s nursery, and her little one after the delivery. A Valentine’s Day card expressing your love and best wishes for the expectant mom completes the gift.


Chocolates as gifts for a pregnant woman can be a fantastic idea. It is a known fact that woman loves chocolates. And during pregnancy food craving is a common phenomenon. Make sure you give your pregnant lady love a basket full of chocolates. Chocolates are known to lift the mood instantly, hence this is a perfect gift. At the same time it is during this time that women do not feel guilty on gorging food.

Date Night

If you don’t have a big budget this Valentine’s Day, don’t despair. More than anything, pregnant women need emotional support and comfort from their mates. Give your wife a homemade gift certificate for the date night of her choice with you, offering your undivided attention. Even something as simple as a home-cooked meal for two will help your wife to relax and relieve stress during pregnancy.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines are the best options for a pregnant woman. Since it is advised for the pregnant woman to relax almost whole day, it becomes impossible for them to spend the entire day doing nothing. Books can be a good company for the pregnant lady and if this is her first pregnancy, gift her a pregnancy guide or book.

Maternity Clothes

If your wife has moved into the second or third trimester of her pregnancy, she’s probably desperately in need of some stylish maternity clothes. If you don’t have a clue where to begin in shopping for maternity clothes, buy her a gift certificate to a hip maternity store that she will love.

Personalized Photo Gift

Personalized Photo Gift

Personalized Photo Gift

Any gift that shows that you took the time to really think about it will make any woman melt. Pregnant women are so hormonal and filled with emotion that a personalized photo gift will be sure to make her weep with excitement. Shutterfly has many options such as, photo books, jewelry, notebook, apparel and keepsake boxes. Any of these items will be a sure way to reach her heart.

Pregnancy is a time of feeling love and emotion. Any of these gifts will make your pregnant Valentine feel special. So show her you care and buy her a Valentine’s Day gift she’ll remember.

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