6 Awesome & Useful Easter Gift Ideas for Kids 2015

The festival of Easter has been an all-time favorite with kids. In the following article, we have listed excellent Easter gift ideas for kids.

Easter gift ideas for kids All-in-one baskets with plush bunnies, candy, and personalization is one stop shopping for Easter morning. Or choose personalized unique Easter baskets, with tutu, furry friends, and carryall caddy themes. With gift shops targeting kids in a big way, parents can choose from a wide array Easter gifts for their kids. If you are looking for unique gifts ideas for Easter, rest assured, you are at the right place. Here are some great ideas.

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids 2015

Easter Gift Ideas for Kids 2015

Easter Gift Ideas For Kids:

Crafty Kit

Artsy kids will love decorating their own shiny Easter eggs with the 4M Mould & Paint Glitter Eggs Craft Kit. Glitter, ribbons, pastel color paints the kit has everything they need to bling up their Easter basket.

Easter Bunny

Another thing that is often associated with Easter is bunny. It’s one of the best gift, especially for kids. Bunnies in the form of soft toys are available in various colors and sizes. You can either gift a huge bunny, or buy several little ones in various colors. You can also use the bunny theme to make some other gifts. Making a cake in the form of a bunny, or making several cookies in the shape of small bunnies is a great idea. Decorating these cookies with different types of icing would be another good idea.

Easter Egg Basket

The best gift is the Easter egg. It is a symbol of new life which indirectly refers to the resurrection of Christ. You can either make the eggs on your own, or buy them from the market. Though the chocolate ones are everyone’s favorite of most people, they are available in various other flavors. You can even give different patterns and designs to the eggs.

Easter Book

Easter is a great time to give a book on Bible stories to children. The book would be educative as well as entertaining and explain the little one the true meaning behind Easter, in a simple manner.

Easter Egg Basket

Easter Egg Basket

Bunny Bag

Large enough to fit textbooks, lunch, a laptop and more, the Beatrix NY Esther backpack will have your daughter feeling like a big kid this spring. The bright pink nylon backpack has two large front pockets decorated with a cute bunny and two smaller side pockets for all of her little gadgets and supplies.

Egg decorating kit

One of the most exciting parts of Easter for kids (and for adults) are all the games. If your kids are creative, a special egg decorating kit might put and even bigger smile on their face. It will also keep them busy for a few hours while you can get on with your Easter holiday to-do list!

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