Best Wedding Gift For Wife On First Night

When it comes to gifting for wife on first night, there are many options available. From jewellery to photo frames, purses, personalized gifts, clothing, accessories sets and many more.

The first night is always special, in every sense. Everyone dreams of making it the most beautiful and memorable night of the life. On that very night, all that matters to you is the company of your partner. Buying some thoughtful gift for your wife on this special occasion is surely a good thought. Look for something touchy and personal that can make your wedding night memorable for the both of you.

Wedding Night Gifts for Wife

Wedding Night Gifts for Wife

Jewelry Box

All women love jewelry and you can not find a better gift than her favorite jewelry for her. Options in this category are endless and what you chose depends on your budget, creativity and your understanding of her. But keep in mind whatever you choose, she is comfortable wearing that and it will also suit her personality and interests. Here are few most romantic and popular jewelry gifts that you can present to her on first wedding night.


Women go crazy for chocolates, and your wife is perhaps no different. If you are looking for the best gifts for wife, chocolate is definitely one of them. We present a delectable range of mouth-watering chocolates, beautifully wrapped in gift boxes with silk ribbon that make one of the best gifts for your sweetheart. Pick her favorite brand and flavor, and make her feel how much you love and care for her.

Take Her Away

If you want your gift to be a really memorable one, why not surprise your bride with bookings for a luxury cruise or skiing vacation in the mountains. However this idea might need some planning since your wife will already be expecting to leave for your honeymoon. To prevent her from guessing your gift, plan your wedding night at a nearby B&B or a resort and then surprise her with the tickets. Also, if she wishes to discuss honeymoon destination before the marriage, tell her it’s a surprise or better still throw her off guard by mentioning a run-of-the-mill destination. The real trick is to make sure the honeymoon is a really exotic or luxurious one since only then will she appreciate it as a wedding night gift.


Flowers signify romance and express the message of love in the most beautiful way. Make your beloved wife feel most loved, gifting her a bunch of vibrant red roses, or an exquisite floral arrangement of carnations, lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums, gladiolus, tulip or orchid. We offer a vivid collection of beautiful flower bouquets, bunches, and arrangements that will make her special day more joyous and delightful. Complement the floral gift with delicious cake or a lovely soft toy that will make her even happier.

beautiful flower bouquets

beautiful flower bouquets

Sensual Gift Basket

You can prepare a gift basket full of sensual and romantic gift items such as sensual scents, including bubble bath, skin and hair conditioners, shampoo, soaps, home fragrances, and lotions. Also add some potpourri, dried rose petals and natural earth scents, such as sandalwood, cinnamon, lavender, vanilla and jasmine. You can also add some scented candles to the basket and a book of poetry or erotica to complete the romantic atmosphere. Adding the intimate and sensual gift items such as adult toys, massager etc, is one of the temptations husbands have, but you should know your wife’s temperament and choices and be sure whether she will like those items or not.

Personalized Scrapbook

How about arranging all your special moments in a scrapbook and rewind all the good times you had spent with each other? This is one of the most beautiful gifts for your wife and she can never ask for anything more. When words fail to express, when money fails to impress then you can surely try this gift which is handmade and thoughtful. Rewind all your memories and live them all on your special night.

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