Christmas Gift Baskets Ideas: That Keep On Giving

Christmas gift baskets make some of the best and most appreciated Christmas gifts during the holiday season.

The holiday party invitations start arriving, your holiday calendar will fill up fast. Bringing the party hosts a gift is a lovely way to thank them for the evening of entertainment. Why not put your crafty skills to use this year? Creating personalized gifts baskets is easier than you think. Don’t stress PurpleTrail has plenty of Christmas Gift basket ideas to get you started. We’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you assemble beautiful gift baskets. With the upcoming Christmas holidays we all start thinking how to make our loved ones happy. We will show you some fantastic Christmas gift basket ideas which are suitable for men, women, colleagues, your boss or anyone else that you want to have a special Christmas treat.

Christmas Gift Baskets Ideas

Christmas Gift Baskets Ideas

Chocolate Gift Basket

Chocolates are popular gifts for everybody, especially women. You can send your holiday wishes having a beautiful gold hinged-lid gift box that has a collection of chocolates and other fine treats. The box is filled with Bellagio white chocolate cafe, vanilla caramels, Ghiradelli chocolate bar, chocolate wafer cookies, Malta Bella cappuccino almond toffee bag, double chocolate truffles, Lindt cream truffles bag, and gourmet chocolate brownies. The basket can be used long after the season as a reminder of the gift of good taste.

Fruit Gift Baskets

If you’re making the fruit gourmet gift baskets yourself, make sure you find an appealing and stylish basket to hold the ingredients. Typically plain, simple wicker baskets are utilized, however when you want to spruce up the design of your fruit basket, buy a decorative and colorful straw basket. Once you have chosen which fruits you want to incorporate into your gift basket you are able to layer them on top of basic packing grass. This packing grass is available in various shades and colors or can be created out of different materials. If you choose to help make your own gift fruit basket or Christmas gift hampers you can include your own special touch by adorning the basket with bright multi-colored ribbons. Pick patterned ribbons to include an ornate design to the basket, or choose simple solid ribbons that contrast using the color of the packing grass.

Christmas Wine Gift Basket

For any Christmas wine gift basket there are a number of wines to choose from-red, white, blush and bubbly. If the recipient of the basket enjoys dark wine, you can include various examples of red wine, such as Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and red Moscato. There are also many wine and cheese gift basket suggestions for this holiday season. You can choose to place wines in a wicker basket or perhaps a woven grass basket; you may also choose the color of the basket, either white, espresso brown, or a traditional seagrass color. Or maybe select a holiday color scheme–you can have green, red, blue, white, or silver shredding. Other holiday color combinations that might be perfect for your gift baskets having a Christmas theme would be red and white. This color combination can provide the feel of both candy canes and Santa Claus. Once the color scheme is decided, you can add other small items or

Cold Winter Gift Basket

Cold Winter Gift Basket

Spa baskets

Everyday life can be stressful, especially during the holidays. People are often running to and fro trying to get everything done. Send your dear ones the gift of relaxation with a spa basket. Fill up a beautiful container with decorative soaps, bath salts, body lotion, fluffy towels, aromatherapy products, and candles. Snuggle in some chocolates or include a certificate to their favorite spa for a manicure or massage.

Christmas Music Gift Basket

A Christmas music gift basket may include things that remind you of each song, for example Jingle Bells, a miniature Christmas tree for Oh Christmas Tree, or you might do a 12 days of Christmas theme basket. Alternatively, for that music lover you could make a gift basket of Christmas sheet music and some Christmas music CDs or an iTunes gift card.

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