Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Toddlers

If you are planning on giving your toddler a surprise Easter basket this year,some fun ideas on little gifts to include in the basket.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Your toddler hears a lot about Easter baskets from adults and older children. She sees store displays of brightly-colored baskets filled with toys and sweets, and anticipates the arrival of Easter and receiving Easter goodies of her own. Even though the magical Easter Bunny gets the credit, you can make your little angel’s Easter special by choosing age-appropriate and toddler-favorite Easter gifts.

Choose a smaller sized easter basket for toddler. softer Easter baskets with animal faces instead of woven baskets for small children for several reasons. First, toddlers enjoy receiving cuddling animals (even just in basket form!). Second, toddlers could have a tendency to chew on woven baskets plus some of these baskets may contain dies.

Easter Gift Basket For Toddlers

Spring Favorites

Not only is Easter a sign that spring is near, but it’s also a reminder that your toddler’s spring and summer items from last year may need to be updated. Fill his basket with some new sand or shallow-water toys, different types of balls to throw, and some toys with wheels. Consider items that you might buy for yourself, such as new hats, some sunglasses, an umbrella and a raincoat. Larger items for a big basket can include a toy fishing pole, some larger cars and trucks, a washable baby doll for outdoor companionship, and golf or other lawn games.

Easter Bunny Bouncy Ball

Most young children love to ball with bouncy balls. Look for a ball that’s either pastel colored for Easter or which contains a bunny inside the ball. Make sure to give bouncy balls which are large enough so that the child cannot swallow them. Whether it doubt, only give these toys to toddlers over age 3.

Easter Stickers

Then add packages of small Easter themed stickers towards the basket. Your child will love accenting their artwork with these fun shaped stickers. You may also have your child make Easter cards for family and friends and decorate them with the stickers.

ABC Magnets

Buy a package of ABC magnets for your refrigerator for older toddlers. Your son or daughter will love learning the ABCs and making words around the fridge for weeks and months in the future. This gift idea may not be appropriate for younger toddlers who have a tendency to “taste” everything.

Egg-Shaped Play-Doh

During the Easter season, you’ll find cute little basket stuffers at retailers for example Target or WalMart. Toddlers enjoy playing with Play-Doh so include a little 2 pack of egg-shaped Play-Doh within this year’s basket.

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