Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenage Boys

Here are some great ideas to consider as birthday gifts for the teenage boys

As teenage boys are very choosy when it comes to their preferences for birthday gift hence birthday gift ideas for teenage boy should be that innovative and specific to their liking. When buying birthday for teenage boys we have to think about their likes and dislikes. Parents often feel confused whether their young boy will like their gift or not. Don’t worry and be calm, here are some cool birthday gift ideas for your teenage boy.

So when you want to give the right birthday presents for the teenage boys in your life, whether they’re your son, younger brother or cousin, or friend, you have to consider all of these different factors. Here at Everything But Flowers, you can find the top birthday gifts for teenage boys that will surely be appreciated.

birthday gift ideas for teenage boys

birthday gift ideas for teenage boys

Cool Birthday Presents for Teenage Boy

Instant photo cameras

Instant photo cameras For that teenage boy who loves clicking away photos! This is the best gift ever for them. These cameras will help them upload new pictures for social media every day as well as create photo albums of their best pics.


Most guys have a pretty laid back style and are not too concerned about the clothes they wear, but that doesn’t mean your boyfriend will not appreciate a special piece of clothing as a gift. Get him a funny t-shirt or a shirt featuring his favorite band or characters from his favorite movie. A jersey featuring his favorite athlete’s
name and number or a shirt supporting his favorite team is another option he’s sure to like.

Gift Cards

If you are still having trouble thinking of something for your man, get him a gift card to his favorite store. He’ll likely appreciate the fact that you didn’t get him something he would hate and when he picks out an item at the store, he’ll be thinking of how sweet the gift card from you was.

Musical Instrument

A musical instrument like an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a drum set, a violin, a mouth organ or even something simple like a xylophone makes a great gift. While gifting it to an older teenager, one should find out if he already plays an instrument. To a younger teenager, a musical instrument might just be the inspiration he needs to pursue the hobby. Combine the gift with a box of Cookies. These boxes has an enjoyable combination of dark chocolate blocks that provide a mouthwatering treat.

birthday gift ideas

birthday gift ideas

A Magazine Subscription

I know, this is an antiquarian suggestion thrown into a high-tech suggestion list. However, this gift choice gives you the option of choosing a magazine subscription that might actually coincide with a young man’s interests and encourage reading for pleasure. Sports Illustrated, Baseball America, Rolling Stone, Spin, ESPN, Maxim, Gourmet or even those magazines devoted to video games, all can arrive monthly or weekly to provide information and entertainment to the birthday boy.

Productivity and Books

Lastly, teenage boys have to go through a lot of stress, juggling academics, friends, family, and puberty. It’s not just about their accessories and their look. Give them birthday presents which can help them through life. The Desktop Basketball is a fun and quirky desk-sized gift which can help them get through mounds of homework and papers in school. Similarly, you can go for the Punch Hole Punch or the Grenade Coffee Mug, which are sure to amuse him and at the same time keep him productive.

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