How to Make Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts

Edible Christmas gifts make wonderful presents because you make them by hand and because they are tasty treats.

Homemade gift at Christmas is a thoughtful way to show a friend or family member you care. Gift recipients appreciate the time and thought it takes to create something.Edible Christmas gifts make wonderful presents because you make them by hand and because they are tasty treats. A Christmas gift means just that little bit more when it comes from the heart. It’s a lovely gesture (and not to mention really low cost) to whip up and batch of cookies, maybe some homemade fudge or truffles and gift wrap them really nicely.

Items Necessary to Make Edible Christmas Gifts

Whatever the edible gift you choose to make, you’ll need certain equipment and what to make the gifts special. Be sure you gather these items in your kitchen so you’ve them ready before you begin.

Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts

Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts

Baking/candy making items

  • Cookie sheets
  • Mixing bowls
  • Baking pans
  • Measuring spoons
  • Measuring cups
  • Mixing spoons
  • Candy thermometer


  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Spices
  • Baking soda
  • Baking powder
  • Salt
  • Candy melts

With some great recipes, a clever way to present your edible gifts, plus some imagination, create beautiful edible Christmas gifts in a single afternoon. These thoughtful homemade gifts function as a delicious expression of holiday cheer.

How to create Homemade Edible Christmas Gifts

If you make a specialty Christmas cookie, candy, or treat well, it serves perfectly being an edible Christmas gift. Bake one batch or several and provide as Christmas treats.

Cake Pops

If one makes deliciouscake pops, then bake a batch up, and decorate them with a fun Christmas theme to give as gifts. For those who have never made cake pops before, purchase acake pop kit which contains molds, sticks, candy melts, and directions, and give it a try. Wrap the wedding cake pops in bright or clear cellophane, and offer them on a cutecake pop display.

Homemade sweets

Treat your sweet-toothed loved ones to a carefully crafted selection of homemade sweets this Christmas. Whether you fancy trying your hand at making your own fudge, marshmallows, honeycomb, lollipops to jellies, these mini edible delights are deliciously simple to make and can be beautifully boxed up and tied round with ribbons for
a fabulous Christmas hamper filler.

Delightful Christmas Cupcakes

Some would say it’s been done to death, but everyone still loves a cupcake (or two)! That sweet, moist cake topped with a dome of creamy icing, beautifully packaged into a little gift box oh how our mouths water.

Easy Almond Sandwich Cookies

Easy Almond Sandwich Cookies

White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

Melt 1 lb of candy with 1 tablespoon of vegetable shortening. Alternatively, melt 1 lb of white chocolate almond bark. Spread on the parchment lined baking sheet, and sprinkle with crushed candy canes. Let it harden completely, and then break the peppermint bark into pieces. Wrap the pieces in cellophane and tie all of them with a ribbon, or display these questions cookie tin.

Buttermilk Christmas cookies

This recipe was born out of a desire to get three types of cookies for the time it takes to make one. A simple base is divided into three bowls and then different flavours are added to each to make three distinctly different shaped, flavoured and textured cookies.

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