Thank You & Appreciation Gifts Ideas for Employees

Everyone always wants to know what are the best employee appreciation gift ideas.

Appreciation gifts are nothing but gifts given to employees, to tell them that you appreciate the effort they put in their work, and that you are happy to have such employees working for you. Some companies have a separate ’employee appreciation week or day’, where they celebrate, and give away gifts to help increase employee motivation.

One of the most challenging parts of managing a staff is keeping up employee morale. In order to build a thriving team, every member of your staff should feel needed and appreciated. You can do this by sharing successes, recognizing good work, being open to new ideas, and of course, giving gifts. Choose a gift from this list of employee gift ideas.

appreciation gifts ideas for employees

appreciation gifts ideas for employees

Company Trip

A company trip does not need to be a week-long trip to Florida (or somewhere far if you’re from Florida). Take a day trip to the nearest national park or water park with everything paid for and preferably on workday.

Business Organizer

An organized employee is a productive employee. So help your employee to stay organized and increase your team’s productivity at the same time. The PlanAhead Organizer comes with undated monthly and weekly calendars so your employee can start using it anytime of the year. It also has a notepad section which is great for taking down important information. Also featured: pen holder, business card holder, zippered pocket, contacts section.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are the perfect gift because it gives you the option to yet again, customize! You can include favorites such as snacks, coffee, and/or tea. Throw in a bottle of wine if you’re feeling generous. Finish the basket off with a nice note and pen gift set. Whether you have money to spend or not, showing your employee how much you appreciate them should be easy and stress-free! Be sure to try any of these ideas for employee appreciation month.

Sincerest Thanks Gourmet Basket

Send an Employee Appreciation gift to be remembered with this keepsake black leather basket filled with decadent sweets and gourmet treats, like Lindt truffles and fresh-baked snickerdoodle cookies. Decorated with a complimentary Thank You ribbon, the basket is a great choice for expressing your gratitude in a memorable way.

Desk Decorations

Try gifting photo frames, wallpaper as backdrops for desk walls, keyboard stickers, or inspirational quote decals. Not only will your present stimulate creativity, but it will also help brighten up the office.

Relaxation Kit

Even the most enjoyable work environments can be stressful at times. That’s the nature of business. But you can help your employees keep the stress at the office with this relaxation spa kit they can use at home after a stressful day. It includes a soy candle, purifying bath products, a velour robe and terry slippers the perfect kit for any employee who can use some.

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