Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Kids

Thanksgiving is the time of year when we take stock of our lives and appreciate what is most important- our children!

Thanksgiving Day is a time filled with tradition and history, with images of pilgrims, pumpkins, turkeys and crops spilling over. And to send a Thanksgiving gift to kids doesn’t require much money, supposing that you would pay a visit to the house of a relative or friend who has kids and you want to surprise them with a creative gift that matches that season, then it’s very necessary for you to continue reading the text following.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

There are a variety of gifts to choose from. However, the final choice depends on certain factors, like the budget of the giver, color and theme of the party, the taste of the hosts, size of Thanksgiving celebrations and event you have been invited to. Thanksgiving gift for kids is just a way to express your thanks and gratefulness for the hosts to honor you with their invitation. The hosts, on the other hand, mostly distribute favors after their parties. Here are some Thanksgiving gift ideas for kids:

Because of so many choices available, it’s also hard to decide which the first is preferable for the very person. Then continue reading to get some inspirations concerning the wonderful Thanksgiving Day gifts ideas.

Thanksgiving is the best time for celebration and gift giving so during this period if you ever feel that you need to make your little kid pleased with your new and innovative idea you might follow the gift suggestions mentioned below:

Thanksgiving Musical Gifts

The musical gifts can please all your loved ones so why not take some Audio CDs- Shaker chants, spirituals and songs or Video CDs and DVDs or The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving video.


Crafts are a fun, creative way to get your kids interested in Thanksgiving holidays. For those younger kids aged from early 4 to 8, a collection of Thanksgiving Day crafts shall be a great take. These gifts would without a doubt entertain and educate. There’re two kinds of options for your choice, one such great idea is to purchase a bunch of craft supplies with plans to make certain Thanksgiving decorations like paper-bag turkeys. Alternatively, you could just buy premade Thanksgiving Day crafts from a crafts store and place them together with the kids. It’s unquestionably a perfect gift for kids for the Thanksgiving holidays.

Thanksgiving Chocolates

Candy and Treats Gift for Thanksgiving day

Candy and Treats Gift for Thanksgiving day

The sweet chocolates are another wonderful gift items, which are popular among all age group people. The molded chocolates in various shapes and sizes, like turkeys, are also excellent gifts.

Autumn Floral, Jar, and Basket Gifts

Try these great Thanksgiving gifts kids could make easily with just some adult supervision:

Wreath – Create a wreath by cutting out stiff cardboard right into a small ring. Using glue, paste dried or craft flowers and berries to the cardboard to cover it. When the glue is set, glitter might be sprinkled to add a sparkling touch. Fasten a loop of ribbon towards the back for hanging and employ as guest favors by placing on the piece of square tissue paper on dinner plates inside a beautiful table setting.

Decorative Jars – Small glass or clear plastic containers of unique shapes and sizes can be utilized for this simple project. Simply fill the containers with dried or craft flowers, berries, and greens and tie having a decorative bow.

Floral Arrangements/Baskets – Children might help make some great autumn flower arrangements or baskets.

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  1. I love the turkey basket, these thanksgiving crafts crate a festive mood the whole family can enjoy the thanksgiving. These thanksgiving crafts are easy and inexpensive for kids. I am learning some new thanksgiving crafts for this thanksgiving such as magic leaf drawing, ear of corn place card, color place cards, fall letterheads, pop up place cards, thankful leaf wreath, string of leaves, thanksgiving letterheads etc.

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