Wonderful Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

A bridal shower gift basket will be a gift that stands out among the myriad of gifts at the shower.

Bridal showers offer a lot of fun ideas and activities, from games to crafty centerpieces, to themed bridal shower gift baskets that different guests could make up and bring with them for that bride. These special gift baskets for bridal showers show a great deal of creativity and thoughtfulness in the women giving the gift baskets. It is sometimes very easy to put together a bridal shower gift basket while in other cases it may take a little extra time and effort, based on your theme. Consider these tips to help you create fun and memorable themed bridal shower gift baskets for that bride-to-be.

Wonderful Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Wonderful Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Bridal shower gift but why not step outside the box a bit with these fun gift ideas? Some gifts are a twist on classic favorites, while others are completely unexpected. Either way, you’ll be sending the bride to the altar with an unforgettable gift.If you need a thoughtful and relaxing gift for the lady in your life, look no further than Spa Baskets gifts ideas.

Gourmet Chef Gift Basket

If the bride loves to cook, then pamper her! You might even take the theme a step further by choosing a specific aspect of cuisine baking, breakfast, or even herbs then
throw in everything you can find on the subject, such as cookbooks, an apron, artisan additions, and pretty pans or bowls.

Coffee Gift Basket

Many couples spend time together in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee. For the bridal shower, give the happy couple a variety of specialty coffees that they aren’t likely to find anywhere else. The basket also comes with goodies like java hard candy and biscotti.

Gardening Gift Basket

Moving into marital bliss often means just that: moving. If the bride and groom will be moving into a house with a yard, and the bride has shown an interest in planting, then go ahead with a Gardening gift basket! Fill it with gardening tools, books, magazines, seedlings, and a few flowering plants. A pair of rubber-boots, some pretty pots, and some cute garden-oriented ornaments will pull it all together.

Relaxation Themed Gift Basket for that Bride

While most showers focus on exactly what the bride and groom need for their new home, it never hurts to produce a relaxing bridal shower gift basket specifically for the bride. Include relaxing things like scented candles or incense, lotions, bubble bath, eye mask or eye pillow, along with a gift certificate to a local spa.

Tea and Coffee Lovers

For that woman that loves hot beverages, develop a basket including tea cups and coffee mugs. Add packets of hot chocolate, tea and coffee in a variety of worldly and sweet flavors. Cookies and tea biscuits put in give the basket more flavor as well as gives the guest something to dip within their delicious coffee. Throw in a heart-shaped spoon along with a bottle of flavored creamer.

Photo Lovers

For the photo lovers, create a basket consisting of a photo album, a disposable camera and picture frames. Add a few key chains which have the ability to hold small photos. Incorporate a coupon for free photo processing or perhaps a personalized photo item in a local chain or pharmacy.

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